Mittwoch, April 05, 2006


The best thing about getting clean and fresh like a sunny spring morning is the moment, when my lady shave, which is called venus or intuition, which i should be both, and which of course I AM both, when that shave, which of course is new, so i can get rid of every single hair that keeps me away from being divine, which i should be and of course AM, it is the moment, when that shave cuts my peeled, smoothened, perfumed skin. A red trace draws the flashy foam, a sweet pain that remembers me...yes...somehow, I´m still alive, between this holy divine shit.


mirjam hat gesagt…

ui das wird eine narbe geben ;)

deimos hat gesagt…

ui RENTOKILL waren so geil odr `? .) odr wear hat dir am beschta gfalla? hasch du Dimitrij noch gseaha? lg wolfi

Smoke hat gesagt…

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